Do not be afraid

Why should I fear?

When The Lord loves me perfectly.

Why should I fear?

When perfect love cast out all fear.

Why should I fear?

When God came as man in Jesus to die for me.

Why should I fear?

When Jesus took my fear with him on the cross.

Why should I fear?

When Jesus said it is finished on the cross.

Tell me,

Why should I fear?

When The Lord is on my side.

Why should I fear?

When The Lord is by my side.

Why should I fear?

Tell me why?

Why should I fear?




Lovely landscape always reminds me of the goodness and greatness of God, it draws my attention to creation.

I think of Adam and Eve in the story of creation in the bible, if the creator of mankind did not have special plans for humans, the enemy would not have bothered to trick human to disobey God.

If you are facing attacks or lots of criticism for doing right, be steadfast, hold on and keep pushing through challenges.

God knew you would face those challenges so he sent Jesus to come and sacrifice himself to give you victory in all you go through in life.

Have faith, trust God and pray without season. The creator of the world is big enough to fight your battles and win them for you.

Be obedient to his words, do not be distracted by the enemies plot, look up to the cross where your help comes from.

It is well with you in Jesus name.

Nothing is impossible with God


This is the day The Lord has made, rejoice and be glad in it. Do not allow the enemy steal your joy by telling you joy is impossible, joy is free gift from God and it does not depend on your circumstances.

So rejoice in the face of adversities because you have a God bigger than whatever life would throw at you.