Journal 1st of September

This summer has been one full of ups and downs for me, and a lot of adventures that I never thought I would have the opportunity to experience.

I have lived all my life feeling very limited to do things that seem normal to others; this is due to my health condition being born with sickle cell blood disorder.

It has shaped my mind, life and limited me from doing usual stuff like travelling far from home, just feeling free to live life to its fullness.

I am amazed at the turn my life has taken since I had surgery in March this year to take out my gall bladder which was causing me a lot of pain.

I have felt so much freedom and I have become more bold to step out of my comfort zone, still knowing when to listen to what my body is saying and take a break as needed.

I must say though that I know this is all down to prayers and trusting in God that in him I am able to do all he is calling me to do here and now.

Also having the right people around me has been a blessing, people who understand the journey I am on and support me to the best they can.

Our lives are story told, we all have a part to play in how our story plays out on the stage of life.

Can we write our story solely on our own? The answer to that is no man is an island.

What are we doing to channel our lives the way it would play out right to bless others going through the same hard time we face?

That for me is a million dollar question; I am learning that each day as I go on living the life I am called to live daily.

In the midst of figuring out how that plays out, I am beginning to enjoy the freedom to be bold and not let stereotype labelling hold me back from what I am able to do.

I choose to be the one who hold on to the word from the bible that says:

“ I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. “ Philippians 4:13 NIV



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