Journal (July 2017)

I was invited by my family friend to visit her in South of France;

It was a real privilege to have the opportunity to visit the village where they live called Gabriac.

My hosts Nneka and her husband Tom run their hotel in called Hotel Bouloc in Gabriac, and they are popular for making exotic menus from around the world.

Hotel Bouloc has become a very popular spot for the locals, and for those visiting France and wants a taste of exotic food.

I flew in to Toulouse airport and was picked up by my hosts who made a two and half hours drive from Gabriac to Toulouse airport, and another two and half hours drive back to their hotel where I stayed for twelve days.

On my second day in France I met Nini who offered to show me the castle in the village, then she took me to her house to show me where she lives.

Nini lives in a farm very peaceful and quiet, and the scenery looking out from her dining room was absolutely beautiful.

Our communication was hilarious as she didn’t speak English and I don’t speak French, but we found a way to communicate and somehow understood each other.

It was a blessing to see how willing she was to show me around, especially as she just met me.

From left my host Nneka, Nini and I on my last day as Nini came to say goodbye.

On the third day my host took me to see the Tour De France go past the village where they live, it was very exciting to watch the “caravane” go pass before the bike ride began.

This was a group of the Orange team in Tour De France who spent the night in hotel Bouloc.

I went with my hosts to see the Avignon festival, it was a full days outing for us and it was another two and half hours drive to Avignon, and two and half hours back, so we made the best of the day with sightseeing and theatres.

Papa de Pope

My host pose for a snap 🙂

African art exhibition.

We had lovely meals and did some shopping, I had my first caricature drawing done, it was so funny to sit and do that.

We travelled back very late and got in after 1am so tired that the next couple of days was spent resting, I spent time reading Kathryn Kuhlman’s book I believe in Miracles.

If there was any doubt in my mind that God can still do miracles today and now, that doubt has been squashed to death by this inspiring book.

This book is one to read.

I look forward to visiting France again to spend some time with these lovely people.




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  1. Thank you so much Naomi this was so beautiful to read. With each word i was reliving every moment of your time here, springing to life, I’m grateful for the precious memories and for your time.

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