Journal (June 2017)

My blog has been down since after I posted May journal, it has taken Ben and Ross working hard to get up and running again, thanks to both of them.

June had two highlights for me, one was seeing Sam get married to Sarah and the other was starting my counselling course.

It was a blessing to see Sam and Sarah Poch become husband and wife, Sam has been like a son to me and he has been in my prayers for him to meet someone and get married.

I must say it was a surprise to me when I heard he was engaged to Sarah, he was very certain he wanted to marry her, it was nice to be a part of their ceremony.

It was a beautiful ceremony and a blessing to watch them say their vows and becoming husband and wife.


I have been at home for a while now due to health issues, I have been very unwell and had to rest to allow my body recuperate.

It has been four years now, just taking each day as it comes, and trusting God for each of these days.

At the beginning of 2017 I began to feel better within myself and I started to pray about what I should be doing this year, I felt I heard clearly in my heart that I should go and study counselling.

I spoke to my family and my mentor about it that this is what I feel God is calling me to do this year, I asked them to pray about it with me, and ask for God to give me confirmation if this is what I should be doing.

To my greatest surprise I started to get different confirmations, and anyone I told about it gave me more confirmation to go ahead.

I applied for a place and got the admission to start my counselling course at the end of June.

I was really excited about my place to study counselling that I told people about it, one of them was very excited for me and she offered to pay for the course.

This was another confirmation that I was meant to do this counselling course; the course was paid for twice.

I explained that my course was already paid for, but I was told to do what I want with the second payment.

The course was intense as it started at 9am everyday and finished at 9pm at night; on the third day the intensity took a turn with my health, as my body could not cope.

I was in so much pain and I thought I need to quit and go into hospital to get help to control the pain.

I spoke to the tutor that I was struggling and needed to lay on my back to take some of the pressure off, she was very supportive and they agreed I can attend the rest of the course staying in whatever position that makes me comfortable.

I dosed myself up with painkillers and was very determined to complete the course, thank God for my friend Annie who I was doing the course with, she was very supportive and putting her foot down that I rest during lunch time.

She brought me lunch in my room and made sure I was okay, all things worked together for good and I was able to complete the stage one of my counselling course.

I received my certificate and I am ready for stage two, I am so grateful and privileged to be on this new journey, and I am looking forward to my studies for the next level of training as a counsellor.

What I have learnt through this season of my life is that I am human with human limitations, by myself I am limited to my human abilities, but trusting in God and being obedient to what He calls us to do takes a whole lot of pressures from us.

This enables us to trust that God that has called us, He is able to lead us to the end.

He would put the right people in our paths to help us along the way of life troubles, this is a promise that he would never leave or forsake us.

When we go through difficult times, he is there holding us up, I always remember a verse in the bible that says in 1 Corinthians 10 vs 13 God would not give us more than we can handle.

Seasons would always come and go, tough time would pass if we just keep holding on.










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  1. Thank you so much for this article and for persevering Naomi. It is a blessing to see how the Lord has enabled you to carry on despite many obstacles. And of course, the best is yet to be!

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