It is difficult to explain how tired I am most of the time as to me it feels unreal, so I wonder if when I explain how tired I feel constantly if anyone truly understands.

Am I the only one with this predicament? I must tell you it is very frustrating at times when I have things I have to do but feel so tired that my brain finds it hard to function, I stay there looking and wishing there was a way out to stop this from happening to me.

I wonder how people who suffer from this same symptom cope, I wonder if any one can really cope with this.

I can see how one can quickly become depressed from being tired of being tired.

I must say it is by the grace of God I push myself up and try to trust God for each day, I do not know how I would cope daily on my strength as I feel constantly drained that it feels unreal.

I have come this far holding on because I know my life has a purpose and God has given me grace each day to do as much as I can, and he has put the right people around me who understand me and encourage me to take it easy each day.

I am really grateful to be in a community where I am well provided for and I do not have the added pressure of stressing out thinking of the major necessities of life, it is a real blessing from God.

When you wake up in the morning fit and sound ready to go, you do not appreciate what a blessing that is.

I always look at the great things happening around me and give thanks for those precious little blessings, I take one day at a time to do what I can and try not to beat myself up for that which I can not do.

I have to remind myself always that I could have been in worse situations where I am constantly tired, but have to complete task under pressure to be able to provide basic necessity of life.

I am thinking aloud here as this is my avenue to air my thoughts and share with others who are looking for answers like I am, a problem shared they say is a problem half solved.

If you suffer tiredness like me, speak to your doctors about it, trust God to get you through each day and pray that one day you would be healed of it completely.

Most important is to hold on, do not get tired of holding on no matter how frustrated it feels.

You have what it takes to carry on pushing through.



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