Some Simple Facts Of Life

The journey of life is an interesting one when we are observant on life’s events, especially in hindsight.

Life brings us to places where we have so much expectations, joy, fulfilment, achievements, peace, honour, pride, anger, regrets, sadness, failure, disappointment, shame, blame etc.

Sometimes these run side by side as something good is happening, something not so good is happening too.

Most times we notice some things are not right, we know in our God given instinct but we shut our eyes to it and hope they would disappear.

We put up with things we should not put up with, and then feel bad and guilty when it all goes wrong.

The guilt comes from knowing we should have responded when we felt something was not right.

Then the blame game begins for some of us, we cannot stand the thought of thinking we were as much to be blamed for things that has gone wrong.

We shift the blame on everyone else but us, so we don’t carry the guilt of the helplessness we face.

At this point what we should realise is blaming game does not make a bad situation better, this is the time to pray for divine inspiration on what next step to take towards making amends.

A time of acceptance that what has happened has happened should be the first step, then reassuring those involved that you are there for them.

Communication is key in finding solutions to every problem, knowing we are not alone is very comforting.

Honesty is always the best policy, being honest might be too hard for some but it is definitely the best way to keep accountable through all life throws at us.

There is no place for panic and anxiety when dealing with issues of life, it would only cloud your judgement further and this is of no help in any way or form.

“Two heads they say is better than one, though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” – Taken from the Bible -Ecclesiastes 4 vs12

This is the time to put heads together to find solution to whatever situation you are facing, we should not deal with pressing life issues in isolation least you make more mess of already messy situation.

“I no gree na eim de tear cloth” Translation: I refuse to accept the situation as it is, this result to fighting with the person you are arguing with in which your clothes are torn and ruined.

The above is a proverb I grew up with, simple translation of the above is: be the peacemaker and not the peace rocker.

Be the one who always want things resolved peacefully, yes sometimes this is hard as people would take you for a fool but you have got to rise above it all and be the bigger person.

In life we would all have the opportunity to make mistakes and the opportunity to make amends of mistakes we have made, do not let the opportunity to make amend pass you by.

We are all here living as guests on this earth, one day our stay would be over so use your stay wisely for it does not tell you when your stay is coming to an end.

Life comes with all its fullness good and not so good, at the end of your journey of life what would you be remembered for?

Hmm…. I hear myself say, tough question I hear you say but guess what, it is time to get thinking and get making right choices.


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