Do you struggle with waiting for things to happen?

Most of the mistakes I have made in life is as a result of reckless haste and being impatient.

I do not know about you, for me waiting has never been my strong point. I think in life we as humans are created to wait for things to happen, but patience is something most of us struggle with.

Impatience most of the time does not yield positive fruit, the fruit would either be unripe or no fruit at all. Waiting for answers has a way of growing and strengthening our character and preparing us for the future, it surely grows our patience.

We pray for things in our lives, God hears them and prepares us to receive them but that waiting time for us some times seem to be too long.

I am learning to remind myself that my time and God’s time are totally different, most time I think I am waiting for God to answer me; but the reality is God is waiting for us to respond to changing our characters to fit what we are asking for.

We have to move forward with God and not remain stuck in our old ways of living, there is a time to wait and a time to move and take action.

This has to align with the will of God in our lives for things to begin to fall into place at the right time, so we wait for God, move with him and not loose our blessings or positions set aside for us.

Once we begin to be obedient and stop being rebellious by not doing what we know we should do, we begin to receive more freedom and blessings.

I am learning to listen more to that still small voice that guides and correct me when my mind is straying away to do its own thing, I realise that when I do not listen to the prompting of that still small voice, then my peace is rocked and eventually stolen.

Waiting should grow our patience and it gives us time to grow our character and improve our lives to accommodate what is to come in the future, so when the wait seem so long ask yourself what you need to work on? What you need to improve on or what God is asking you to do or to surrender.

When a child is born he or she is fed milk, as they grow older they are served pureed food, then they learn to eat solid food. What new food do you need to learn how to eat to be able to move on from baby milk?

We have to grow and be ready for the new things set aside for us, so we

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