Choose to do right all the time.

We can make mistakes and that is okay as long as we learn from our mistakes.

Sometimes it is good to think of some situations of life that we find ourselves, especially situations we think our lives have come to an end.

We might be in that situation now and think is this life what living?

Difficult times are a part of life, no one have an answer why things don’t work as we planned or why life seem to come with so much ups and downs.

Hope is a gift we all have as humans, hope keeps us going and faith helps us believe that things would get better.

No matter how bad things are right now for you, there are people in worse situation that wish they had just someone to talk to that would understand their suffering.

Sometimes life comes with so much crap that I wonder when all this would end, but I know not to focus on the evil of this world because there is also good things to focus on.

We would never have answers to why things happen the way they do, but I know that for every bad thing that happens in life there is a great lesson to be learnt.

The most important thing to hold on to this year is to live a life of integrity, always choosing to do the right thing over wrong.

Sometimes it would be difficult because choosing our own way is usually easier and better for us, but surrendering to doing right always come with such freedom and peace of mind.

You would probable loose more friends because you chose to do he right thing, but the peace it brings you knowing you have chosen integrity makes you a joyful person.

I am the master of messing up time and time again through life, offending people by saying and doing the wrong things.

I try hard to do the right things but fail most of the time; I started to pray for help for God to help me live a life of integrity, for me not to be drawn to make decisions by wrong influence in my life.

I prayed for discernment and guidance to trust God to lead me to make right decisions, I did not understand that it would come with some sacrifices.

The sacrifices of patience, waiting and time would only make you a better person.

I realise it is all part of growing as a person; it made me mature into an adult with better understanding of life itself.

My patience keeps growing through waiting, and I am still on that journey of trusting God enough to wait for as long as he wants me to.

In this waiting time I have seen a lot of changes around me, changes in my family, my home church and with people in my sphere of life.

I have observed dramatic change in making decision in my life; compared to the person I was who just went with the flow.

When I look back I am so grateful to God for looking after everyone and everything that is important to me, I know for sure that the best place to be in life is to live a surrendered life.

Time always proves what is important; we are all created with strength that comes from God to push through life’s difficulties by the help of God.

I guess if you don’t believe there is a God who is ready to help you through life, this would all be strange to you.

Without my faith I am nothing, we all have a space in our lives that was created and would only be filled by the presence of God.

Until we realise that we need God in our lives we have this emptiness that no amount of money, sex, drink and drugs or even acquiring properties or wealth can fill.

We would continue to seek fulfilment in life, but nothing can satisfy that hollow feeling we have inside us.

Only the presence of God can fill that space and satisfy us fully and make us complete, without that we continue to seek satisfaction in different places and things.

So to my point on the ups and downs of life, this would continue to happen as long as life goes on, but with God we would thrive in this world as long as we believe in God.

When bad times come we would know we are not alone, we would lean on the God who is able to see all things and do all things.

I trust in him completely in good and bad times, he always sees me through.

In the bible it says in Hebrew 13:8 that God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

He is always faithful and true to his word, we limit him in our minds but his grace is with us because he is a merciful God.

Choose to do the right thing always, regardless of what society expects of you.

The more you make right choices, the easier life becomes both for you and your loved ones.

You may offend people by choosing to do the right thing, don’t worry much as they would come to appreciate you in the end.

Don’t sell your conscience to please anyone, remember you are the one who would live with the guilt.

Hope this brings some light to encourage you to choose integrity always.





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