Life and Its Seasons

It is funny when I look at my life and all the difficulties I face daily, sometimes I find myself in situations that I think would never come to an end.

We all go through tough times in life, and sometimes it could be overwhelming in the moment we are going through those tough times.

Most of the time when I am going through those tough times I feel like this is the end, I feel like my life would never get any better.

Some people find themselves in situations that make life hard all the time,

I am sure some of you can relate to this when you are faced with certain life’s challenge, or difficulties that life throws at you.

I have come to realise that in life there are many seasons we would go through as humans, good seasons and not so good seasons.

One thing to remember is that every season comes to an end, they never last forever.

There is always a great lesson to learn when we are in different seasons in our lives, when things are good in the season we are in remember to be grateful, and to encourage those going through a tough season.

When we are going through bad seasons, remember that it is only a season and it would come to an end.

Pray that the tough seasons don’t last longer than you can cope with, and pray that the tough season would open great doors to a very good and robust season.

We work hard with hope to have a good life, be comfortable and have some security that whatever happens we have roof over our head, food on the table and a loving family around us.

We know this is not the case most of the time because life has other plans for us, just remember that whatever life throws at you it would get better at some point if you trust in God.

Remember that difficult times are training times; be alert to learn something tangible from those difficult seasons in your life.

They make you become a stronger person, and also allow you to empathise with those you come across in the future who go through similar difficult seasons.

I have gone through a season in life where people have hurt me, and seasons where I have hurt other people.

This is life and we are bound to make mistakes, but as soon as you realise your mistakes, try to make amends.

Do not let it linger and dwell on it until you get into a dark pit of despair, be quick to say sorry when you offend and forgive when you are offended.

This life is too short to carry offence about and allow it ruin your happiness, unforgiveness can ruin your life and cause you to be miserable.

Saying that, forgiving others does not mean you should become a doormat for them to walk all over.

Remember that trust needs to be gained, give yourself time to gain the trust back.

Seasons come and go, tough times never last forever even when it feels like it would never end.

Hold on, be brave and keep on fighting, never give up.

Hold on to great seasons in your life, when those not so great seasons come just remind yourself that it would come to an end.

When you go through those very difficult seasons, remember these encouraging words:

“Great Faith is a product of great fights.

Great testimonies are the outcome of great tests.

Great triumphs can only come out of great trials.”





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