October Journal

“ Truth becomes hard if it is not softened by love; love becomes soft if it is not strengthened by truth.”

– John Stott

I read this in my daily devotional and I thought this is so true; truth is really difficult for some of us to hear.

As hard as it is to hear the truth about ourselves and our situation or circumstances, it is important to appreciate those who love us so much to tell us the truth in love always.

Some truth are bitter to take in, we want to hide away from the reality of the truth because it is very painful to imagine the truth.

I think truth said in love should soften the heart and help us to absorb it better, and as the quote above says you can weaken love by not being truthful and honest.

In my life I am very blessed to have some people who would tell me the truth no matter how painful it is, and I love them more for that.

I have learnt to be honest in my dealings, praying and trusting God to keep growing me in his humility and honesty as the short cut would be not to care about integrity.

Lack of integrity leads to destructive life pattern that would lead to regrets later in life, so it is very important to have people in your life who love you enough to put your relationship at risk to tell you the truth.

At the same time be wise enough to know that one persons truth about you does not necessary mean the truth, this is where you discern, pray about it and speak to someone else you trust.

Always get confirmation on things you do not have peace about, for when your peace is rocked most of the time it is a sign that things are not right.

Pray to have people with integrity around you who love you enough to speak the truth in love to you at all times, value their impute in your life’s journey and appreciate them always because not everyone can love you enough to be honest with you and tell you the truth.

We all need that person that we know we can run to in time of difficulty, knowing they would always have our best interest at heart, never take them for granted.

I hope this inspires you to appreciate those who have put themselves out for you over the years; this could be your parents, teachers, families, friends etc.

Let them know they are appreciated because you are blessed to have someone who loves you that much.


Enjoy your day. J



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