Journal 7Th Of September

I realised there are times from the past I do not remember, I am sure I am not the only one who have blocked out certain aspects of their memory.

I was speaking to my health consultant about it and she said the brain has a way of shutting out unpleasant memories.

Hmm… I thought that makes a lot of sense, as there are a lot from my past that people who knew me then bring up, and I do not remember.

I must tell you that there are a lot of trauma from my past that I blocked out of my mind so I don’t remember the hurt that came with it.

It is interesting how our body works, that the mind is powerful and able to block memories that brings pain, hurt and regret.

I come across as showing off when I am asked about things from the past, and I answer sincerely that I don’t remember.

Are there people out there who share my facts that this is real? I know that sometimes things happen to us and we think we are strange or weird, but in reality we are just a part of the circle of life, and what life holds for us.

I know this might not sound right to some people, I am glad my brain is created to block out sad memories, but it is good sometimes to remember the past to be able to deal with it.

Most sad memories come back to hunt us at the most unusual times, running from our past does not make it disappear.

Instead it comes back to bite us harder than we can ever imagine, so if you need to see a counsellor to help you deal with your past in the right way, go for it.

For me, every time a memory comes back flashing in my mind, I have faith that there is nothing impossible with God when we trust him.

I say a prayer and ask God to help me deal with whatever sadness the memory brings, it has worked miracles in helping me deal with a lot from the past.

I know I am not special, this faith does not only works for me, it can work for you too if you believe.

In life, practice makes perfect when you do not give up. Faith grows with consistency.

I hope this helps to realise that shutting memories does not make it go away, it would go away for a while, but it would come back and hunt you when you do not expect.

Way forward is dealing with it and not to allow it linger any longer, make amendments when necessary, apologise to anyone you think you have offended.

Make amends and live a conscience free life.

You do not want to allow the past to keep hunting your future, do you?


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