Sometimes I feel I am over conscious of what I say and do when I am around some people, so I do not offend them.

It becomes a chore trying to watch what I say so that people do not get offended, this is because I say it as it is, and expects the same honesty back but not everyone likes that.

I started to ask myself, do I really need to mind how I say things or is it just too difficult for some people to hear the truth?

Hmm…. I came to the conclusion that everything has a right time to be said in for it to be received properly, so it is only right to apply wisdom in when and how we say things to people.

Being mindful that everyone goes through difficult times sometime, and saying the right things in the right way matters a lot to the person on the receiving end.

So I have become more aware of the difference between knowledge and wisdom, as being aware of something is not enough to share it, when to share your knowledge needs wisdom to know the appropriate time so it can be received well.

This is just me analysing my thoughts in writing, sometimes it pays for others to know they are not alone in the struggle of knowing what to say, and when to say it to people you come across on your daily walk in life’s journey.

Just to add that with knowing the right time to say things, it is practice makes perfect. It is better to share something that would help someone else, than to keep it to yourself because you do not want to offend the person.

In hindsight they would thank you for taking the bold step to share.

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