Happy Easter

I have missed writing and updating my blog, it has been down since January, it has just come back up about two days ago.

Happy Easter to you all. What a significant time of the year it is for christians, knowing that Jesus came and died and resurrected three days after his death, to give life to those who believe in him.

It sounds crazy when you do not believe or understand the Bible, but it is so real when your eyes are open to see the truth of the Bible.

It has been a long weekend for some of us, a time spent with loved ones in different circumstances. This Easter weekend has brought a lot of ups for some people, and downs for others, but I encourage you to hold on tight.

Life comes with good and bad things happening in parallel lines, try your hardest to dwell on the good things happening in your life. No matter how small the good things are.

A thankful heart is a joyful heart and joy does not depend on your circumstances, it is a gift from God.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel, you may be in this dark place and think when is this ever going to end? You might have thought if there is a God why are all this things happening to me or happening in the world?

Truth is we can not have all the answers to why things happen, but I promise that your faithfulness is always rewarded with good in the end.

So hold on, keep looking up and keep holding on, trust in God with all your heart for he would never abandon those who never give up on his faithfulness.

Be encouraged for you would have the last laugh when you look back in years to come. 🙂