Journal 28

I am sitting on my bed on the 14th floor of a hospital, having routine check,

which include, heartbeat, blood pressure, blood and urine test.

This is in preparation for a research drug for sickle cell; I am very pleased that some group of people who have the means, decided to develop a drug to help people suffering with sickle cell.

At last we have not been completely forgotten by researchers and pharmaceutical companies, I really hope and pray this would be the beginning of great help for people suffering this horrible condition.

I am shocked at the increasing numbers of babies still being born with this condition, you would think before people decide to come together and have children, they would check to find out if they carry the sickle gene.

It is a quick check that would prevent another human being from suffering chronic pain for all of their life.

It is difficult to have the conversation with someone you have decided to spend your life with; it is the sacrifice you make for your future children not to have the sickle cell condition, simple really.

Being selfish in this case comes with consequences which not only puts another human being through suffering for the rest of their life, it also means you the parent would spend a lot of your life on hospital trips with your child who has the sickle cell.

Being a part of the initial trial run, for something that could potentially improve the life of people suffering with sickle cell, it is a total privilege to be volunteering to for the trial run of this drug.

It is an experience hat would make a great change in the life of many. I would keep you updated on how things go, hopefully it would all be good news.