Journal 27

Feeling grateful to God in the face of adversities brings great peace, and renews your joy.

Life is full of things to worry about, I have decided not to pay attention to any worries thrown at me, and it pays to leave all my worries at the foot of the cross.

Life is a platform for learning; we make mistakes and learn from our mistakes.

We take a few wrong turns on our journey, never feel it is too late to turn right back and continue on the right part.

I realise that you never get to a place where you don’t have any challenges; life is full of challenge from the time we are burn until we die.

The way I have learnt to deal with what life throws at me is to keep on surrendering whatever the challenge is to God.

I ask myself, if I cannot deal with it why do I want to be depressed about it?

It sounds like not taking responsibility, but I look at it that I have a God who is big enough to help me in the big things as well as the little things.

Surrendering my worries every time I think about it helps me to trust God more that he would help me make the right decisions, and whatever the result I have to accept it is the will of God for my life.

Sounds crazy to someone who does not understand who God is or why you have to surrender, if the bible says it, I believe it.

The more I surrender, my peace increases even when my circumstances has not changed.

We would never have all the answers in life; I would not try to have all the answers in life because I am not the creator of life.

I choose to take one day at a time, and trust that the will of God for my life would guide me, to bring glory to his name at all time through my life in Jesus name.

For me everyday is a blessing regardless of how I feel, I see it that I have another day to look forward to what God would do in the midst of my circumstances.

I embrace the season that I am in and trust God with what he wants to do in that season.

I pray that you would find strength within you to hold unto God and trust him with whatever you are going through today, praise him in the midst of hardship, pain, uncertainty and I pray that our good God would turn your suffering into dancing and celebration, that would bring him glory in Jesus name.

Have a blessed week.