Journal 26

Hope with health

I have been in a very dark place with my health over the past three years, and I have seen myself in a different light in all that God has been doing in my life.

I cannot stop thinking of how privileged I am, I am blessed immeasurably.

I started to take a natural remedy supplement for people with sickle cell blood disorder, as all other medication seem to have no significant improvement on my health.

The product is called EvenFlo healing blends nutritional supplements.

I was very eager to try it, I was very hopeful and prayerful that this would help in some way, any little improved way is better than what I was feeling.

I have used Even Flo healing blends nutritional supplements for three months now, and I can firmly say I am feeling better within myself already.

I took one capsule twice daily, and when I have severe sickle pain I took two capsules three times a day for two or three days and the pain disappears.

I was still having frequent pain so I decided to increase the dose as recommended in the leaflet.

I increased to two capsules twice a day for maintenance, then increase to four times or more a day when I have severe pain, depending on the pain.

This has made significant change in my health; I am beginning to feel more hopeful for the future.

I have also included a lot of plant-based food to what I eat, as eating healthy and drinking plenty of water helps.

I am feeling very hopeful and grateful, I want to share my good news to anyone out there who is forty years and above, or have someone who is struggling with sickle cell and have not heard of Even Flo.

I have been told it also work for children, so it is worth trying.

Saying that, I have been in hospital once in the three months and only spent one night in the hospital. That for me is a bonus compared to the hospital visits in the past.

I feel I need to spread the news, for everyone suffering with sickle cell to have some hope that there is this natural supplement that can help improve the quality of your life.

Everyone deserves a chance to have some sort of quality of life; I am talking from experience of living with pain that cripples you.

I thank everyone who has been there for me through the painful sickle crisis, ride to hospitals and most important, PRAYING for me.

Thank you very much for all your love and support in so many ways, I am looking forward to sharing the good news to all who would benefit from it, so help me God 😉