Sometimes things happen in life that would challenge your thoughts and believe.

It is those times when we feel like we want to give up that we should trust God more to come through for us.

Times like that our faith is tested and tried to see if we would hold on to what we believe.

I have learnt that when I try to do things my way, it never ever work out well, and I beat myself up for not praying about it and talking to someone I trust to pray together for direction.

Wise cancelling is very important in the journey of life. Saying that I know a lot of us would have been betrayed at one point in life, that should not make us loose trust in everyone we meet.

There are still people out there that God has placed in our journey of life to support us, and give us the right encouragement we need in our journey of life.

People who would challenge us to become a better person, and tell us the truth at all times.

Sometimes we tend to gravitate towards those who tell us what we want to hear, and run away from those who tell us the truth.

As bitter as the truth may sound, it would usually guide us into the right path, and teach us humility.

Pride steps in when we are challenged, and it stands in the way of our success.

God does not overlook humility; he rewards those who are humble and obedient to his word. (Leviticus 26:3-12)