Everyday I wake up and trust God for that day;

I pray that all I do would be according to his will for me for that day.

Being at the right place at the right time comes with a lot of fulfilment within, allowing God to direct our path gives us the peace to know that he is in charge, so we can trust him even when things do not feel right.

Women played a vital role in the ministry of Jesus; God has created women with a lot of compassion, we just have to trust God to help us channel it into using it to bring glory to God.

It is interesting that the women stayed with Jesus to the end of his life, and they got up first thing in the morning after the Sabbath to go and purchase burial spices so they could anoint the body of Jesus (Mark 16).

They discussed who would roll the stone away for them to have access to the body of Jesus, they knew they were not strong enough to roll the stone away, that did not stop them from going ahead.

I call that the walk of faith, they must have trusted in God to provide a way to move the stone away, and he did.

They were the first to see that Jesus had risen and they saw the grave was empty.

They were the first Jesus appeared to reveal himself that he is risen, he sent them to tell the others, but they did not believe them.

I thought what if the women were too afraid to take that walk of faith? What if they thought the guards would recognise them and arrest them, as a result they refused to go on that very day that Jesus resurrected?

Jesus would still fulfil his purpose, but the bravery of what the women did would not have been recorded in the bible.

I am praying that if the Lord has placed something in your heart, that you are bold enough to take that walk of faith and trust him to go ahead of you in Jesus name.

Just like he sent the angel to tell the women the good news that Jesus is risen, your step of faith would end in good news as God does the unimaginable in your lives in Jesus name and his name would be glorified through your obedience in Jesus name.

Be blessed in obedience.