Life’s up and Down

In the midst of what life has to throw at us, there are little treasures that should not be taken for granted.

Everyday is a gift because some people went to bed the previous night and did not wake up to see the next day.

Everyday is a blessing to me, I am very grateful when I wake up each day, I say thank you Lord for another day.

I am very grateful for the life lesson that has come my way, as the saying goes experience is the best teacher.

Sometimes it takes longer for some of us to learn a lesson, but once learnt, it makes a huge difference in our life.

I have come a long way to realise that obedience is better than sacrifice.

Staying in the will of God brings so much peace that money cannot buy.

The peace of knowing that I do not have to be afraid of anything but the healthy fear of God, brings so much peace that I can not explain.

Every days struggle is manageable because I know I am a sinner worth dyeing for.

I am forever grateful that I am planted in a place where I am learning each day, where I am not afraid to be challenged to become a better person through reading the Bible daily, and building each other in fellowship.

Nothing is impossible with God and all things work together to those who love God.

Have a blessed week ahead.