Journal 22

God’s kingdom is an upside down kingdom: ‘So the last will be first, and the first will be last’.

Jesus is saying this is not a reason to be envious, in his great love he is generous to all.

It is grace undeserved, it is a reason to marvel at the generosity of what Jesus did on the cross.

This for me keeps my faith in perspective knowing that grace is underserved, it makes me realise that I should not take the generosity of God for granted.

God does not owe us anything, but he gave us everything through his son, so we can have life in its fullness.

This might sound strange coming from someone like me who live with a lot of pain, I know that God has given me life, there are lots of people with my condition that did not have the opportunity to live.

I appreciate the fact that I am still here telling these stories myself.

It is not by my strength, but by grace through Christ who lives in me. I am not better than the people with my condition that are dead.

God has a purpose for all of us, as soon as we recognise that, we would begin to submit to his will for us, and begin to allow him direct our path.

It is usually never a straightforward journey, but he who called us to the journey, would equip us as we go along.

The key word is “Trust” him. Trust God with everything that concerns you, your life, children, marriage, job, business and all aspects of your life.

Ask him to lead and agree to follow, even when you do not know where you are being lead to, it is called obedience.

Once we learn to listen and obey, God leads us through all that life throws at us because we are obedient to his words and his calling.

Obedience comes with peace that cannot be explained, peace that only God can give. Peace that cannot be stolen.

When things do not work out as we planned, we have the peace of God with us because we know he is with us.