Journal 20

Life is funny at times, we think we got it right then we find out we are a long way from where we should be.

Thinking out loud, just reflecting on the pressures we put on ourselves daily without realising.

When we put ourselves under unreasonable pressure over things and situation we cannot change, we waste precious time that could be put to better use.

I realised it is a waste of time and energy for me to keep thinking of things I want to do but do not have the energy to accomplish.

I have learnt to do the little I can each day and not dwell on those things I am limited to do due to my health.

I believe there is a reason for everything when we look up to God for direction each day, it may not be the reason we want or need, we just have to trust God at every point of our lives.

Eventually when we look back days, weeks, months or years after we see the reason clearly that God has been there all the time.

Life is given to us, as a gift to appreciate and live it, everyday is to be surrendered to the giver of life.

Living a surrendered life helps us to live life to its full, as we know that God directs each step.

It is not by work we are saved so that no man can boast, so because we are humans we would get it wrong sometimes, as soon as we realise we have offended or done it wrong, ask immediately for forgiveness, repent and follow the right path.

Jesus came and because of him we have grace, which we do not deserve, yet he gave his life so we can have it.

I listened to a great man of God James Poch last Sunday speak on encouraging others, that is a great way to spend precious time.

With technology now we do not have to wait until we have time to visit someone to encourage them, we can send emails, text message or a phone call.

It is a blessing to be a blessing to others, do what you are able to do each day without beating yourself up for what you cannot do. I have to remind myself of that everyday.

I look around me and I see that it is a blessing to wake up each day and go to bed at night, as there is no guarantee each night when we go to bed that we would certainly see the next day.

I encourage you to be grateful for the little things in life for everyday is to be treasured as if it were the last.

Use the opportunity to tell someone of the love of Jesus and the peace that comes with knowing him.

We are promised the spirit of boldness and sound mind, and not of timidity. Be bold for the one who has given you opportunity to be a blessing to others, and be blessed in return.

Be an encourager and see something good in everyone you meet, tell someone something nice about himself or herself and see how joyful you become.

Have a blessed time encouraging others.