Stepping into 2015 fighting Sickle Pain

Living With Sickle Cell Pain #1

If there is a cure for sickle cell, it should be shared for all to have access and it should be taken seriously.

It is not something to be quiet about; sickle pain is not something to be taken likely, as it is unbearable.

As one suffering from it, I can tell you it is not something you wish your enemy would have.

The pain is unbearable and very unpredictable. You never know when it would get you down.

One minute I am limping and I think I can cope with that by using some painkillers, the next minute I cannot use my hands and I am bed ridden with unbearable pain that cannot be described.

Trying to stay positive at this point does not come to mind as I am overtaken and controlled be this overwhelming and uncontrollable pain.

Thinking of going to the hospital and the process of admission frighten me to death.

The process and long wait before I get seen by a doctor adds more stress to my already stressed out body and I think this is the day I am going to finally die from this pain.

Just thinking of the entire hospital protocol I decide I can fight this pain at home.

I pray for God to help me, I take pain killers and I am looking at the clock for the time to go faster so I can have another dose of pain killers.

I time myself and keep up with the painkillers trying to control this pain.

My strong will of not wanting to go into hospital finally pay off after downing all the painkillers including oral morphine.

Sometimes I loose the battle and I have to go into hospital to face the hospital regime.

God help me not to go in on a weekend or public holiday, the pain and torture is three times the usual as the on call doctors are very busy.

I have spent the first and second day of the year 2015 in bed fighting sickle pain, this is very frustrating, as I had no control over the pain, which kept me bed ridden for the past two days.

I find it hard to concentrate on anything else, as the pain would not give me a break.

I began to feel better after I received prayers, which gave me some hope and took the attention away from the pain I was feeling.

I focused on God who is bigger than any of my present situation, and knows what pain I am going through.

The more I focused on God, the better I felt emotionally and I was able to cope better with the pain that took control of me physically.

Sickle pain is unbearable, without my faith in God I would have given up the battle to keep fighting.

It gets more difficult to cope with as I get older, and I keep thinking if there is an actual cure, why would it not be made available for people like me?

Why would people like me not have access to treatment that would stop this suffering that stand in the way of a better quality of life without pain?

I would continue to hope in God, to see me through this unpredicted journey with sickle pain, as with God all things are possible.