Being Thankful

Growing up every birthday comes with a thought that it might be the last one I would celebrate,

so I am never sure if I should be happy on birthdays or sad.

It took the grace of God to accept the fact that I do not have to live in fear of death, because Jesus came and died so I would live.

There are no two ways about that realisation for me, because it is written down in the book of life [Bible] that I should not be afraid because God is with me always, to the end of time. Mathew 28:20 and Isaiah 41:10

With this knowledge and awareness, I celebrate each year with excitement of the goodness and greatness of God.

It is always a blessing to be thankful to God for another year, as it is another year of opportunity to show the world that his ways are not our ways.

Whatever The Lord starts, he finishes. Until the finish point, nothing can stand in the way of God.

I have had an amazing birthday weekend, spending time with my family and sharing birthday meals with loved ones.

It is a celebration of life to be here in my forties regardless of my limitations.

As a child, I did not see myself in my twenties as I was always told with sickle cell disorder I would not survive my teen years.

If you are reading this and you are in a place where you are not sure of your future, just surrender it to God and ask him for peace and faith to trust him with your future.

He alone knows what is to come, worrying about it would not change what would happen, it would just lead to fear which in turn would hold you captive.

Be encouraged to know you have hope in running to the cross, whenever you are not sure of what to do in any situation, Jesus paid the price so you can have freedom from being stuck with fear.

God is able and I praise him for another year added unto me in Jesus name.

Be encouraged.