Journey 016

Give us this day our daily bread [Mathew 6:11]

Chatting with a friend who has grown to become a sister, this verse came up in our conversation on God’s provision.

We say this prayer often without really thinking about the implications, and taking into account that we are asking God to provide for us daily.

I took time to reflect on this verse and realised that, in my life when there is a need, God does provide and sometimes at the eleventh hour.

I never seem to have something until I need it, I can say for certain that I have been blessed beyond measure because, I lack nothing that I need.

Feeling unwell for a long time, financial pressure is something that could cause more stress when you have financial responsibilities.

I can truly say that The God who owns the world and everything that is in it, he is my God, my father, my provider and he never let me down whenever there is a genuine need.

Just as a need creeps up, my God shows up to meet that need, even through people who prefer to be anonymous.

I am amazed at the provision of God in my life and I keep praying for God to bless those who he has used to bless me both spiritually and financially in Jesus name.

I am encouraged each day by the blessings of God, when my health fails and I feel really angry that my body is failing me, I think back to all the great things that God has done for my family and I, then I become very grateful and begin to praise him in the midst of pain.

I know that God knows the pain I go through, and I trust him to see me through daily.

Asking for God to give us our daily bread simply means, we are willing to be content with daily needs.

It means we would not be greedy to accumulate more than we need, but would accept to be fed each day and trust God to look after us each day.

God sees our heart and he knows our genuine needs, and he promised us he would look after us if we do not worry about tomorrow.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. [Mathew 6:34]