Journey 014

Waiting for something to happen is difficult for most of us, but it is necessary for the journey of life.

Waiting is the time our patience grows; our relationship with God grows deeper. We look up to God because we know we are waiting for his perfect time.

I was told at the hospital that the chemo treatment would improve my health and I would be able to go back to work, so I have hope that I would be strong enough and well enough to go back to work in no time.

I had my concerns on how I was going to meet up to my financial responsibilities, what was I going to be doing while waiting for my health to improve.

At this point I was already a mentor at my home church, and I lead the female fellowship in my church.

I shared my concern with my minister, and she had so much wisdom in saying, have I prayed about using this waiting time for full time ministry in mentoring?

We prayed about it and I had peace about it.

It was a struggle with my health as it was difficult to cope from one day to another, but saying that, my hospital trip was less, as I was able to manage the pain at home with strong painkillers.

It was a blessing not going into hospital as frequent as I use to visit the hospital, as every trip to the hospital is difficult to handle.

I am at a place now where I am not well enough to attend my volunteer job regularly, but unlike before I do not get frustrated when I cannot attend.

I take one day at a time and I praise God each day for looking after me, constantly providing for my family and I and still using me in other ways to encourage people around me.

Waiting for when I get better has not stopped me from doing the little I can, to make a difference.

Where there is a need within my ability, I step in to help without loosing sight of the fact that I have physical limitations.

I know with God all things are possible to those who believe, so I hold on to God and look up to him where my help comes from.

I know my healing has been paid for on the cross, so I continue to wait for God to manifest it in the physical in his own time.

Some people receive their healing while they are here in their physical body; others get theirs at the end when all comes to an end.

This waiting time is growing my character, I am learning to be more patient, I have learnt that I have to trust God more each day for his provision, and he has never ceased to amaze me.

I have learnt not to be frustrated about the limitations of my present condition because, frustration does not improve my situation, it would only steal my joy.

I have learnt to turn my frustrations into praising God. I look back to all the things God has rescued me from, and I begin to praise him for his goodness.

I praise him for the people he has planted in my life to do my journey with me.

I praise him for the people he is blessing each day with my testimonies.

I praise him for giving me life and looking after me.

Waiting time is pruning time, for growth comes after pruning.

Keep holding on, as your miracle would come in the perfect time.