Journey 013


Over two years ago, my health deteriorated, and I began to struggle more with bone pain crisis triggered by reoccurring chest infection.

I was admitted in hospital regularly and was given a course of strong antibiotics for the chest infection, and morphine injections to control the excruciating pain I am suffering.

I get better and discharged from hospital, and spend two weeks after, recuperating and dealing with the after affect of the morphine injections, and other pain killers I was given in hospital.

I suffer bloating of the stomach which is very uncomfortable, loss of apatite and controlling the pain at home.

My health became so difficult to cope with that I began to think this might be the way to the end of the journey with sickle cell anaemia.

I was getting weaker and fatigued that it was becoming frustrating daily to cope.

My heath support team decided to start me off on a chemo treatment, which is meant to help improve my health after a period of time.

I was given the choice to accept the treatment or not, I was given the paper work to read up the side effects and benefits if the treatment works for me.

It was a though decision to make when I went through all the side effects, especially the loss of hair, ulcers, skin, dark patch on the skin and even a chance of leukaemia amongst other things.

I know they have to cover their backs, by naming all the things that can possibly go wrong, but some of them were pretty scary.

I had to decide if I wanted to take the treatment, knowing that it could go wrong, or not take the treatment because of fear of all that could go wrong.

I was in a pretty bad place with my health at this time, I thought how worse can this get that I have not already suffered.

I thought if I go through all the suffering, and I am able to live with less pain and be here for my children for longer, it is worth giving it a go.

I spoke to the people I trust about the opportunity to get this treatment, and the side effect and said I was willing to go for it.

I got amazing support from my children and from my church, which was a great blessing.

I stated the treatment in April last year; I started with the lowest dose and the dose is gradually increased to monitor how my body is responding to the treatment.

It is an on going treatment, which would last for as long as it is helping my body get better.

With a lot of prayers received, I have had side effects but I am coping well with them, and some of them I did not get, which is a blessing.

Everyday is different; I go for regular blood text as the specialist nurse keeps an eye on the effect of the chemo treatment on my blood level.

I was taken off it for two weeks because my white blood cell was too low, then I was put back on it and had to start from the lowest dose again, and increase the dose gradually.