Journey away from the past

Everyone has a past; some you are not proud of and wish it would go away, and some so memorable that you wish you remained in it forever.

Things happen in life that you look back and imagine how you got yourself in that position to allow that to happen, you have to remember you cannot change the past, what happened has happened and that cannot be altered.

Ask God for forgiveness, forgive yourself, dust yourself and be determined to deal with it and leave the past behind.

What you can do is work towards not allowing things you cannot change stop you from becoming a better person in the future.

This in some cases would take a lot of determination, but never give up on fighting to become a better person, fight hard to do the right thing and ask God for grace to help you each day when if feels difficult; or when it feels like you are not making progress.

Keep surrendering your past and keep confessing that with God you can do all things.

Talk to someone you trust and ask them to hold you accountable and challenge you be asking you questions on how you are doing.

Do not allow people make you feel worthless because God is a forgiving God.

God saw you worth sending Jesus to die for you. So you are worthy of his love.

There are consequences for every action, some take longer to deal with but trust me it would get better.

Keep pressing onto God; keep a positive attitude towards all you do. Be alert not to fall into further temptations and as long as you keep doing your part and asking God to help you, he would.

We have a God who wants us to do better in life; he never abandons us when we call upon him for help.

You are worth dying for so do not condemn yourself because God has not condemned you.

You are beautifully and wonderfully created in the image of God; so love yourself and respect yourself enough that others would respect you.

Watch the company you keep, they should be positive influence in your life.

If you keep bad company as close friends, you are likely to be influenced by pear pressure if you are not strong enough to resist their temptation.

Resist the devil and he would flee from you.