Walking my Journey


You can find complete love in God.

I attend a fresh expression church and I always give glory to God for directing me to my church.

I am meant to be a part of my church to grow with it and be a park of what God want to do in our community.

We had our 10th anniversary last week and it was a blessing to see prophesies comes to pass.

I have been a member for about eight years and I have seen myself challenged to become a better person, one who loves God and one who has learnt to love and accept myself the way I have been created.

I have struggled through a lot of doubt, lack of trust and genuine love. I have lived with rejection, and I blamed myself for it.

I blamed myself for not fitting into my biological family and for being different.

In my journey getting to grow as a Christian, I have received so much love through the people God has placed in my life, he showed me what church should be like, and he showed me what family really is.

He showed me I am a messed up person with such messed up past but he does love me and would give me opportunity to sort my life out because of his love for me.

He gave me a family that knows I am a sinner who does not get it right all the time, but they love me just as I am.

He gave me a family to support me when I am down, correct me when I go wrong without judging me. Pick me up when I fall and invest in me to become a better person and in turn invest in others.

I wake up each day feeling very grateful for those I have doing my life’s journey with me.

It is a blessing to know I am not on my journey alone. In my fathers house there are many people, if it were not so I would have told you.

Open your eyes and do not push away those who have been planted alongside you to do your life’s journey, also be alert of those who God is extracting from your life, don’t hold tight to them, just let them go because, the longer you hold unto them, you prolong certain plans that God has for you and delay yourself from the will of God for you.

Guard yourself and have boundaries, as the enemy goes to and fro looking for whom to destroy.

Apply wisdom in all you do, ask God for wisdom and he would give it to you.

Not everyone around you love to see you have the joy of The Lord, people would do anything to make you miserable like them so guard yourself and protect yourself with the word of God.

Pray for discernment and be alert in your spirit to hear what God is saying to you.

[Proverb 16.20]

Those who listen to instruction will prosper; those who trust the LORD will be joyful.