Encouraging words

A Play at Croft castle

Amazing to hear how people lived and dressed long time ago and look at us now with so much gadgets, you can not ignore praising The creator for the wisdom to improve our chances for a better opportunity to know him, for better ways of communication and medical science.



Love wood work

We are all gifted in different ways, use your gift to bless others and be blessed in the process. Do not envy other peoples gifts as we are all burn to be different. Dont waste your gift.


We all go through battles in our journey, trust God to see you through all the way, never give up.


You are not called to walk alone, be alert to not push away those who are called to walk with you through your life’s journey, and let go of those who are not meant to be a part of your journey.


If Mr. Grumpy can have fun hmm…… so can you :]

God has not called us to work and not play, he created the world and rested on the seventh day. Rest is good for the body, no one would judge you if you rest. Look after the body God gave you.


We plant the seeds but God make them grow into beautiful flowers. Keep sowing into peoples life, show them the love of God. Pray to water the seeds planted in love and allow God to grow beautiful flowers in their lives.


Out of your belle shall flow rivers of living waters. The word of God is like a stream that does not run dry, drink from it daily and when you are tasty, living waters shall flow from within to nourish you and strengthen you.


Do you feel like you are constantly pushing against so much in life? Welcome to my life :] But just to let you know I would not change anything about my life because God has thought me so much through all I have gone through. I know I was meant to go through life to equip me for the plans that God has for my future, I can see that now. So hold on and be prayerful and never give up.


We are all part of God’s perfect plan for life so keep on seeking his will for your life. His will for you is better than yours.


You should feel happy because Jesus loves you enough to die for you, what else can he not do for you if he already gave up his life for you. What greater love is there for a man to lay down his own life for you.


We can never imagine where the favour of God can take us. Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard the good plans that God has for us when we are obedient to his words.


Is there anything too difficult for God? With man it is impossible, but with God all things are possible.


Looking unto God from where comes our help.


All heavens declare the glory of the risen king. Give praise to God for he is good, and his mercies endures forever.


If you fed yourself today, give praise to God and be grateful. There are people who are still waiting for their meal and not sure where it would come from. There are people who have the food prepared but can not feed themselves without the help of others. However bad your situation is, there is someone worse off than you. Be grateful in all circumstances. It could be worse.


Take time to pray for those who are homeless for God to provide for them. Your prayers are never wasted.


This is the view I am blessed with looking outside my window as the sun is setting, and I can not help but thank the one who created this beautiful view and kept me here to witness his artistic creation. Our God is amazing and limitless.


Family time is precious to me, God sees all things and knows all things. He gives you feast to celebrate his goodness. The joy of The Lord is our strength.


God looks after the birds, he would look after you he created in his image. Have faith in God for he is the way to live a complete life.