Thinking aloud, we are all on a journey called life, but we are not called to do this journey alone. There are people called alongside with us on our life’s journey.

This can be your other half if you are married, your children, your siblings, members of your family, members of your church, colleagues, your doctor, nurse, carer or all of the above.

The list is unending but no one is meant to do this journey of life alone.

Humans are not designed or created to be isolated, but people find themselves living in isolation sometimes even when they are surrendered by many people.


I call the people in my life’s journey my life buddies, I cannot avoid writing about my life’s buddies but I promise not to use any real names, I would use random alphabets and be as anonymous as possible as I have given my word.

No promise on telling stories that finds their way in here though.


Back to my adventures in Ludlow, my memory is terrible; I forget things so bad that it is unbelievable.

I write things down so I remember and I take photos to enable me remember places and things.

You can now imagine how I felt when my phone fell into water; I went to watch movies to keep my mind occupied and away from thinking ‘what if my phone does not work’.

Some of us become so dependant on our smart phones and allow it to take over our lives, some like me have them to help us function daily.

I had a bit of panic that I might loose the information I stored in my phone so I began to write with pen on my little note pad accounts of the days spent so far.

Did all this happen because it is all part of life, or was I given this opportunity by the creator of the universe who knows that if I am stripped back to basics, I would be compelled to stop procrastinating and just get on with writing.

Do you think things happen by chance, or do you believe there is a supreme being? One who work all things together for good to those who believe in him.

That is something worth thinking about for those who do not believe.

For those who believe you can see God’s protection and provision making things fall in the right places because he has good plans for us.

Phone falling in a bowl of water provided more opportunity for me to rest more and not occupied with my phone and social media. Also struggling with my health I needed that complete break to recuperate and I have been given the opportunity to do that.

When we are stubborn sometimes, it takes drastic measures for us to be completely obedient.

What came to mind is “ give thanks in all situations, good or bad there is a lesson to be learnt”.