My Journey

I have always thought the right moment would come to prompt me start my blog, that moment could not be more perfect if I chose it from a catalogue.

I opened my eyes and slowly my thoughts became over active, I looked at the time next to my bed and it was 6:21am.

I am on holiday why am I up so early? This holiday I planned it is the time to sleep, have a lay in, no rush to wake up until my body is crying to go get some breakfast.

It is not the time to wake up early, as I am here to rest and take things easy away from the busy life in London.

Ludlow is a lovely small town in Shropshire up north of England, I had the pleasure to travel with a couple who are like brother and sister to me, feeling really blessed just chilling and taking things easy.

We had a lovely walk around Croft castle on Sunday and a pub meal.

Back at the cottage we are staying for the week, we settled to watch a movie

The Other Woman” Saddest movie to watch after the lovely day, guess who chose the movie? Me! Pretty random choice as I flicked through the TV channels looking for something to watch, I settled for that, as it looked calm. It was not calm at all as we found out watching it with so much tears in my eyes as it was so sad. I would not spoil it for those who are planning to watch it.


I had a lot of time to think about life and its struggles, I thought about the past, growing up as a child who was not expected to make her 16th birthday.

I thought about all the mischief I was involved in growing up, the good the bad and the ugly.

I thought of how afraid I was every time I went into hospital and thought is this it? Is this the time I die? Am I going to make it out of hospital or is this the end of my journey?

I thought about how reluctant I was to make any plans for my future as I did not see a future for myself because I have been told because of my health issues I will not live through my teenage years.

I remembered I told myself I had nothing to live for as I was going to die early there was no motivation to plan for a future I did not see myself in.

Without hope I decided to become the comedian in so many wrong ways, I told myself I would be remembered one way or another and by doing crazy things I am likely to be remembered.

With this thought I had no limitation, if you dare me to do something I would make sure I do it just to portray the element of surprise.

I did not see me in my twenties, which also means I lived a life without hope for the future.

That I am here today telling my story is something I never thought would ever happen.

We are all born with a purpose in life; we miss that purpose without proper guidance.

I have come to realise that Life is a gift that we have to entrust to the giver of life for direction on the reason we have the gift of life.

We are all called for a purpose, we have to seek and find that purpose which is the journey of life.


Monday 11/08/2014

I had a lazy morning, late breakfast and a nice walk around the town centre in Ludlow.

Lovely light lunch and a walk to see the market and shops, and a walk around the castle.


I visited an old church, I was not expecting the church to be as massive as it was inside, but it was beautiful.

Back at the cottage, I was charging my phone and it fell into a bowl of water, it felt like the world had ended as most of us have come to depend on our smart phone to connect us to the outside world.

My first thought was hope I do not loose my pictures, as it would be a great loss of memories for me.

I dried the phone and it sat in a bowl of rice overnight and was working again the next morning.

I must say that I felt a huge sense of freedom that I did not have to check my phone as I had a reason not to check.

Most times we think we cannot leave without technology but when we are put in a situation where we have no choice, we find total freedom from what seem to have held us captive.

I travel in London and can not help but notice that 90% of the people commuting have ear phones on and the other 10% have their head down reading the papers or a gadget like a tablet reading a book while the same people around the world are getting very lonely from isolation of having personal relationships and building life long friendships.

Imagine looking around as you commute everyday and say a friendly hello to someone, friendly smile never harmed anyone and your smile or hello can save someone’s life or merely just make another person smile back.

Make the effort to look around you as you travel from one point to another, as you may meet people that become a vital part of your life’s journey.

You can make a difference in your world just by noticing what’s happening in your surrounding.

We all have something to share with someone, something we are grateful for or even something that has not gone right could start up a conversation that could lead to planting a seed that could save someone.

Do your part and let God do the rest.

Remember we all have something to be grateful about. :]